Split tree with sun in between during sunset

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ISO64 | 58mm | f16 | 1/320s | 12/2020


NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

It was a matter of taking the photo at the right moment as the rising sun appeared right above the tree. I used a small aperture to enable these sunstars.

ISO31 | 70mm | f11 | 1/30s | 10/2020

Twin pines

NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

The weather and dark clouds were just what I needed to complete the scene. I had this composition in mind for a while, but I just needed the heavy clouds to make the image work.

ISO64 | 190mm | f8 | 1/25s | 11/2020

Little sapling

Veluwe, NL -

The moment I noticed this sapling, my attention was drawn to its beautiful shape and its position in the rolling landscape. Furthermore, there were no disturbing background elements, which is always nice. This morning there was some fog so I decided to go for a black and white photo. I will certainly head back in spring when the sun sets right behind this lovely little fellow.

ISO100 | 26mm | f11 | 1/15s | 06/2020

Contrast scene

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

One from last summer. Great dark skies with heavy clouds. Time to head to one of my favorite local trees, since there is always a chance of good light during sunset and I love the look of a dark sky in my photos. The light created a wonderful contrast between the dark sky and the last light of the day.

ISO31 | 116mm | f8 | 1/13s | 07/2020

Golden hour tree

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

Someday during golden hour, I hope to photograph this slanted lone tree when there is a nice clear blue sky, with just that one, pure white baby cloud in the background. Well, not this time, but I noticed this white cloud going in the right direction and it was just a matter of wait for that fluffy fellow to go in position. Because the sunlight came from the side, I used my polarizer filter to suppress glare, darken the sky and increase the contrast with the clouds. I'm happy with the result.

ISO64 | 70mm | f11 | 1/160s | 06/2020

Bouncing light

Veluwezoom, NP -

The shining sun poking through the clouds

ISO64 | 90mm | f8 | 1/200s | 05/2020

Pine tree, sunlight and clouds

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

I just needed some really bad weather and some dark clouds to make this an interesting photo. It was just a matter of wait, in the pooring rain, for the light to break through the clouds. I think it worked well.

ISO64 | 70mm | f8 | 1/200s | 10/2019

Lone birch

NP Veluwezoom -

Another black and white intimate landscape photo of a lone birch tree that I photographed a few times before.

ISO64 | 86mm | f8 | 1/30s | 03/2020

Pine tree

NP Veluwezoom -

The answer to the question if this scene would be great in black and white was as clear as the cloudless blue sky. The early morning sunlight came from the right, giving me the opportunity to use a polarizer to darken the blue sky. I photographed this tree before and I really like the simplicity of the scene and the fact that there is one, and only one spot and one height to set up my tripod to take this photo without any distracting elements. Some day I hope to photograph this tree during a stormy day with dark clouds and maybe a rainbow as a bonus. 😎

ISO64 | 24mm | f11 | 1/1.3s | 12/2019

Lone pine tree

Veluwe, NL -

Although I tried to photograph this tree many times, I never managed to get it framed in a way that would please me. There was always a distracting element in the frame or the weather was uninspiring. This morning though the mist was very dense, eliminating any distracting objects in the background. Yeah! The result is a very simple and clean intimate landscape photo with which I am very satisfied. 🌲

ISO64 | 155mm | f11 | 1/25s | 12/2019

Between sawn trees

Planken Wambuis, NL -

Next generation. Great to see this sapling between all the tree stumps. The mist makes this little tree stand out nicely.

ISO100 | 200mm | f8 | 1/800s | 09/2019

Tree against the sky

Normandy, Fr -

ISO64 | 125mm | f11 | 1/640s | 10/2019

Golden hour sunset

Veluwe, NL -

October version of the same group of trees I photographed a few months ago, when the setting sun was way more to the right and outside of the frame. I planned to come back early October, when the position of the setting sun would be more behind, or at least closer to the trees, what hopefully has turned out to be a great shot.

ISO100 | 112mm | f11 | 1/15s | 08/2019


NP Veluwezoom, NL -

The nice shape of the tree and the position in the landscape caught my attention. Because it was standing on top of a small ridge in the slightly rolling landscape, I was able to photograph the tree without any distracting background objects. I had to position my tripod in a way that no branches or twigs were 'touching' the ground. There was just enough sky between the tree and the horizon. The clouds in the sky emphasize the horizontal lines of the tree and the horizon.

ISO50 | 70mm | f8 | 1/6s | 05/2019

Scots pine

Planken Wambuis, NL -

Another day, another tree. 😁 The setting sun casted a beautiful orange color on the tree and the foreground, while the sky was still blue, providing a nice color contrast.

ISO100 | 70mm | f8 | 1/30s | 05/2019

Slanted tree

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

Contrails can be an annoyance for landscape photographers. This time, due to the firm wind, the ugly stripes transformed into beautiful feather-shaped clouds, adding a nice touch to the photograph.

ISO50 | 31mm | f11 | 1/20s | 02/2019

Pine tree at sunset

NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

ISO50 | 116mm | f11 | 1/45s | 10/2018

Sunrise over the heath

Veluwe, NL -

ISO50 | 70mm | f11 | 1/8s | 01/2019

Here I am

NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

After weeks of grey weather the sun finally showed up. I just waited for the sun to set to get this nice orange color in the sky.

ISO200 | 150mm | f8 | 1/640s | 05/2013

Look at me!

West Bohemia, CZ -

ISO50 | 122mm | f8 | 1/8s | 01/2019

Winter trees

Deelerwoud, NL -

No sun, no clouds, no light, just rainy, windy and grey conditions this morning. I decided to go for a black and white image. I personally like the look of deciduous trees in winter, especially with these hazy conditions. Putting the trees in the lower part of the photo adds interest to the scene.

ISO50 | 150mm | f11 | 1/6s | 12/2018

Winter tree

Warnsborn, NL -

Countless times I passed by this birch tree and every time the circumstances are different. This morning the conditions were great. Some snowfall and mist made for a nice and soft image, perfectly isolating the tree, without a distracting background.

ISO50 | 110mm | f11 | 1/30s | 11/2018


Veluwe, NL -

Perfect morning conditions with sun and mist make for this gorgeous light.

ISO50 | 90mm | f11 | 1/3s | 09/2018

Before sunrise

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

The same tree as in the previous photo, six days later. I took this photo just seconds before the sun was about to appear above the horizon. The beautiful warm colors and the ground mist were gone soon after the sun appeared.

ISO50 | 35mm | f11 | 1/20s | 08/2018


NP Veluwezoom, NL -

ISO50 | 200mm | f9.5 | 1/45s | 03/2019


Deelerwoud, NL -

I passed by this tree several times and it seems as if it has been struck by lightning. At least it gave me the opportunity to take this photograph, although it was a bit of a hassle to position my tripod in the right position. At first the sun was too yellow and too bright, but after a while it turned beautifully orange, revealing its spherical shape.

ISO50 | 16mm | f11 | 1/10s | 04/2018


Planken Wambuis, NL -

I visited this location, with the lone tree standing on top of a small hill, in quite a few different circumstances. This photograph, with the blue and orange colors, is one of my favorites.

ISO50 | 165mm | f11 | 1/320s | 08/2018

Backlit tree

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

People are not allowed to visit this national park Veluwezoom between sunset and sunrise. It was a 15 minute walk from the carpark to this tree and I managed to get there just in time - the light was still warm - to take this early morning photograph.

ISO50 | 116mm | f9 | 1/8s | 12/2016

Last light

Veluwe, NL -

The late evening sunlight was struggling to find its way through the fog. I especially like the layers of grass fading into the distance.

ISO50 | 95mm | f11 | 2s | 06/2018

Red glow

Veluwe, NL -

A few minutes after the sun had set, this amazing red glow appeared in the sky. Because I knew this would only last for a moment, I rushed back to a pair of trees I noticed earlier, set up my tripod and took the shot.

ISO50 | 140mm | f11 | 1/8s | 04/2018

The gathering

Deelerwoud, NL -

A part of 'Deelerwoud' consists of heath. That's where I saw this small group of trees in the distance. It looks as if they were gathering for the night. The white clouds, the blue sky and the warm orange light from the setting sun provided a beautiful layered backdrop for this photograph.

ISO50 | 200mm | f8 | 1/25s | 12/2017

Winter mist

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

ISO50 | 16mm | f11 | 1/20s | 04/2018

Lone tree

Planken Wambuis, NL -

Early morning shot of a lone tree with the sun peeking through the clouds.

ISO50 | 130mm | f8 | 2s | 11/2017

Beech tree

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

I always look for a lone beech tree in dark woodlands during late autumn season. The beautiful colored leaves often stand out from the dark background, as with this tree.

ISO50 | 24mm | f9 | 1/40s | 03/2017

Lone tree

Posbank, NL -

To find a lone tree to stand out from the background without any distracting elements, look for a tree that's situated on top of a hill. This is hard to find in The Netherlands, where almost all the land is flat. Luckily, there are some push moraines from the last Glacial period in National Park Veluwezoom. Being there around sunrise was necessary to get a nice background glow behind this bare tree.