Frozen field

Landscape and Outdoor Photography

ISO31 | 28mm | f8 | 1/160s | 12/2020

Pine trees

NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

Lots of negative space in this photo. The dark sky forces the viewers eye to the light and the trees. The cold morning started with a completely overcast sky and I had no real plan in mind as to what to shoot or where to go, but when the sky opened up a bit, I decided to go to the pine trees I had previously photographed. I knew the sun would rise behind the trees and I was hoping for some nice light. For this shot I used a fairly short focal length to capture as many dark clouds and sky as possible. It was just a matter of placing my tripod in the right position and waiting for some sunlight to break through the clouds.

ISO64 | 135mm | f11 | 1/2s | 12/2020

Into the mist

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

I couldn't resist to photograph this 'road in the woods' again, because of the wonderful foggy conditions. The road with its beautiful curves just seems to disappear into nothingness.

ISO31 | 70mm | f11 | 1/30s | 10/2020

Twin pines

NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

The weather and dark clouds were just what I needed to complete the scene. I had this composition in mind for a while, but I just needed the heavy clouds to make the image work.

ISO100 | 26mm | f11 | 1/10s | 07/2020

Sky impression

Lone tree and an impressive sky -

While avoiding the Scottish highlanders in this area, the evening sky turned nicely orange and I managed to get in the right position to capture this lone tree and the stunning clouds. 

ISO100 | 26mm | f11 | 1/15s | 06/2020

Contrast scene

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

One from last summer. Great dark skies with heavy clouds. Time to head to one of my favorite local trees, since there is always a chance of good light during sunset and I love the look of a dark sky in my photos. The light created a wonderful contrast between the dark sky and the last light of the day.

ISO100 | 155mm | f11 | 1/2s | 10/2020

Bend in the road

Netherlands -

While scouting for some autumn compositions, I noticed the bends in the road. Never ignore a nice S-curve that can add to a photograph, leading the viewers eye into the scene. Although the scene could use some mist, I was happy it started to drizzle a bit, giving the photo a little misty touch. Because I used a reasonably long focal length I decided to use my focus shift shooting option on my camera and blend the images together in Photoshop to extend the depth of field and getting it all sharp from front to back. Works great!

ISO31 | 16mm | f11 | 1/25s | 10/2020

Apple tree

NP Weerribben-Wieden, NL -

What started as a gray and uninspiring morning, turned into a day with a beautiful sky and great orange and yellow colors in the field. I noticed this lone apple tree in this reedland during an early morning bike ride. I set up my tripod and grabbed my wide angle lens to get as much of the amazing sky in the shot as possible. After a little while, the sun broke through the clouds, casting a nice shadow of the tree on the ground and the reed.

ISO64 | 116mm | f11 | 1/8s | 07/2020

Just a group of trees

Veluwe, NL -

Nice sunset with a lovely cloudscape.

ISO31 | 116mm | f8 | 1/13s | 07/2020

Golden hour tree

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

Someday during golden hour, I hope to photograph this slanted lone tree when there is a nice clear blue sky, with just that one, pure white baby cloud in the background. Well, not this time, but I noticed this white cloud going in the right direction and it was just a matter of wait for that fluffy fellow to go in position. Because the sunlight came from the side, I used my polarizer filter to suppress glare, darken the sky and increase the contrast with the clouds. I'm happy with the result.

ISO64 | 70mm | f11 | 1/160s | 06/2020

Bouncing light

Veluwezoom, NP -

The shining sun poking through the clouds

ISO64 | 90mm | f8 | 1/200s | 05/2020

Pine tree, sunlight and clouds

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

I just needed some really bad weather and some dark clouds to make this an interesting photo. It was just a matter of wait, in the pooring rain, for the light to break through the clouds. I think it worked well.

ISO64 | 32mm | f11 | 1/30s | 12/2019

Frozen field

NP Veluwezoom -

White grasses, white trees, a magical frosty and misty morning.

ISO50 | 145mm | f11 | 1.3s | 01/2018

Between pines

Veluwezoom NP, NL -

Between all the pines in this woodland I found these three little sapling beech trees with their wonderful brown colored leaves. Stacked three images in PS to get everything in focus.

ISO64 | 86mm | f11 | 1/1.3s | 11/2019

Autumn feelings

NP Hoge Veluwe -

ISO64 | 70mm | f11 | 1/20s | 10/2019

Morning mist over the heath

Veluwe, NL -

Lovely early morning conditions with sun, low mist, clouds and blue sky.

ISO64 | 125mm | f11 | 1/640s | 10/2019

Golden hour sunset

Veluwe, NL -

October version of the same group of trees I photographed a few months ago, when the setting sun was way more to the right and outside of the frame. I planned to come back early October, when the position of the setting sun would be more behind, or at least closer to the trees, what hopefully has turned out to be a great shot.

ISO64 | 29mm | f11 | 1/1.3s | 09/2019

Sunset village

Pays d'Auge, Fr -

After a complete overcast day, the sky opened up just before sunset. The last sunrays of the day broke through the clouds and enlightened the little village and the church, creating beautiful colors in the landscape.

ISO50 | 116mm | f11 | 1/180s | 06/2019

Bunch of birches

Planken Wambuis, NL -

I managed to get rid of a distracting row of trees in the background by getting quite low, thereby nicely isolating this little group of birch trees. The beautiful sky completed the scene.

ISO100 | 70mm | f8 | 1/30s | 05/2019

Slanted tree

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

Contrails can be an annoyance for landscape photographers. This time, due to the firm wind, the ugly stripes transformed into beautiful feather-shaped clouds, adding a nice touch to the photograph.

ISO50 | 75mm | f8 | 1/180s | 03/2019

Above the clouds

Austrian Alps -

ISO50 | 145mm | f8 | 1/180s | 03/2019


Austrian Alps -

ISO50 | 200mm | f8 | 1/180s | 03/2019


Austrian Alps -

ISO50 | 70mm | f8 | 1/350s | 03/2019


Austrian Alps -

ISO50 | 70mm | f11 | 1/2s | 02/2019

Waal river

Nijmegen, NL -

Getting up early is often rewarding. The amazing red sky appeared about fifteen minutes before sunrise. Standing on the bridge 'De Oversteek', I found this beautiful view over the Waal river and the bridge.

In order to prevent flooding in the near future, the Dutch government is changing the course of more than 30 rivers throughout the country. These measures taken along the rivers IJssel, Lek, Maas and Waal are known as 'Room for the river'. Room for the river Waal Nijmegen is one of these measures.

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1/45s | 09/2018

Cumulus clouds

Pontorson, FR -

After some heavy rain, the midday sun appeared, creating an impressive sky and enlightening the church tower of Ardevon.

ISO50 | 116mm | f11 | 1/45s | 10/2018

Sunrise over the heath

Veluwe, NL -

ISO50 | 16mm | f11 | 1s | 04/2018

Sunset sky

Planken Wambuis, NL -

Sunset photo of a lone tree. Beautiful orange and yellow colors in an amazing sky.

ISO50 | 86mm | f11 | 20s | 01/2019

Hunting lodge

Hoenderloo, NL -

The weather was grey and uninspiring. But while taking some test shots, the sun suddenly hit the building for less than a minute, showing some interesting light and making the lodge stand out from the background. By using a long exposure,  the ripples in the water are eliminated and therefore creating a nice reflection.

The building was  designed by Dutch architect H.P. Berlage around 1915. A must see if you are in the neighborhood, including the interior!

ISO50 | 70mm | f11 | 1/3s | 11/2018


Posbank, NL -

One of my favorite early morning locations in The Netherlands is NP 'Veluwezoom', and to be more specific, the 'Posbank'. Visiting this location during autumn season is a treat. It gave me the opportunity to photograph the beautiful fall colored, backlit leaves.

ISO50 | 16mm | f11 | 1/8s | 05/2018


Planken Wambuis, NL -

ISO50 | 145mm | f11 | 60s | 09/2018

Night view

Normandy, Fr -

ISO50 | 56mm | f11 | 1/1s | 09/2018

Dancing clouds

Normandy, Fr -

The moment I saw these clouds coming in, I knew they had to be in the frame. They look like crazy little ghosts, dancing in the sky. They definitely make the photograph.

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1/30s | 09/2018

Le Mont Saint Michel

Normandy, Fr -

Morning view of Le Mont Saint Michel. I tried to make a more compelling composition by placing the corn field in the foreground, covering up the lower part of the mount. The warm morning sunlight completed the scene.

ISO50 | 86mm | f11 | 121s | 09/2018

Le Mont Saint Michel

Normandy, Fr -

Beautiful and warm sunset light hitting the mount and the abbey. I eliminated the distracting ripples in the water and added some dynamics to the sky by using a long exposure.

ISO50 | 66mm | f11 | 1.5s | 09/2018

Le Mont Saint Michel

Normandy, Fr -

It's always nice to have the opportunity to photograph an iconic landmark, but quite challenging not to shoot the obvious. I waited until the sun had set and the sky would turn orange. The reddish cloud in the upper right corner and the posts of the fence on the left add a nice touch to the photograph.

ISO50 | 150mm | f11 | 1/45s | 09/2018

Moulin de Moidrey

Normandy, Fr -

I was present at this location half an hour before sunrise. I knew the sun would appear just behind the mill and positioned my tripod accordingly.  After some wait, the sky and clouds turned beautifully orange and I had the opportunity to take this photograph.

If you're in the neighborhood, it's worth visiting the windmill and even buy some local products like buckwheat, wheat and rye.

ISO50 | 22mm | f11 | 1/2s | 08/2018

Misty morning

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

This morning I was treated to a mixture of mist and sunlight. A wonderful combination of softness and gorgeous light. Definitely worth getting up early. Despite the exceptional drought this summer, there was still some blooming heather, providing beautiful colors.

ISO50 | 85mm | f11 | 1/80s | 08/2018

Bare tree

Posbank, NL -

It is always nice to be at the Posbank early in the morning. A beautiful piece of Dutch nature in NP Veluwezoom. A bit strange to see this bare tree in the middle of summer. I hope it's still alive.  The white mist in the distance makes the dark tree stand out nicely.

ISO50 | 95mm | f11 | 2s | 06/2018

Red glow

Veluwe, NL -

A few minutes after the sun had set, this amazing red glow appeared in the sky. Because I knew this would only last for a moment, I rushed back to a pair of trees I noticed earlier, set up my tripod and took the shot.

ISO100 | 24mm | f11 | 1/50s | 03/2016


Texel, Den Hoorn, NL -

ISO200 | 90mm | f8 | 1/500s | 08/2016

Mountain range

Dolomites, IT -

ISO50 | 140mm | f11 | 1/8s | 04/2018

The gathering

Deelerwoud, NL -

A part of 'Deelerwoud' consists of heath. That's where I saw this small group of trees in the distance. It looks as if they were gathering for the night. The white clouds, the blue sky and the warm orange light from the setting sun provided a beautiful layered backdrop for this photograph.

ISO50 | 42mm | f16 | 1s | 07/2017


Warnsborn, NL -

ISO50 | 16mm | f9 | 1/320s | 07/2017


NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

ISO50 | 200mm | f8 | 1/25s | 12/2017

Winter mist

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

ISO200 | 24mm | f5.6 | 1/125s | 03/2016

Beach pavilion

Beach pavilion -

While taking a photograph of the Texel lighthouse, I looked behind me and saw some massive, stormy clouds coming in. The sun was about to set and the last light rays bounced off the glass balustrade of the beach pavilion.

ISO100 | 28mm | f11 | 1/200s | 10/2014


NP Veluwezoom, NL -

One of the advantages of mist is the absence of a distracting background.

ISO100 | 75mm | f8 | 1/400s | 05/2011

Low tide

Normandy, FR -

Standing on top of 'Le Mont Saint-Michel' in Normandy, France, I noticed this group of people (and the dog) mudflat walking. I like the reflections of the people and the soft and delicate pastel colors. I left out the horizon to emphasize the far distance.

ISO80 | 34mm | f8 | 30s | 03/2017

Ocean sunset

Bergen aan Zee, NL -

ISO50 | 16mm | f9 | 1/30s | 08/2017


Schaarsbergen, NL -