Little sapling

My black & white photos

Light, composition, shape and pattern without the color distractions

ISO64 | 185mm | f8 | 1/20s | 01/2021


NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

A calm, cold and foggy morning. The dark spots around the tree immediately drew my attention when I passed by. Since I was in a rather artistic mood, I decided to go for just a simple and minimalist photo. The foggy conditions made it possible to create this photo without any distracting elements in the frame. I really like the dark spots on the ground. They sort of anchor the tree, making the photo more balanced. The same goes for the conversion to black and white.

ISO64 | 80mm | f11 | 1/15s | 12/2020

Misty heath

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

Black and white panorama view of a misty heath. Stitched together from 9 images.

ISO64 | 24mm | f11 | 1/40s | 07/2020

Walking by

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

Lucky me! These people walked by when I was busy photographing this dramatic sky together with one of my favourite local trees during sunset. I waited for them to be right in between the setting sun and my camera, making them stand out nicely. At the same time, they add a sense of scale to the tree in the photo.

ISO64 | 190mm | f8 | 1/25s | 11/2020

Little sapling

Veluwe, NL -

The moment I noticed this sapling, my attention was drawn to its beautiful shape and its position in the rolling landscape. Furthermore, there were no disturbing background elements, which is always nice. This morning there was some fog so I decided to go for a black and white photo.Ā I will certainly head back in spring when the sun sets right behind this lovely little fellow.

ISO64 | 70mm | f8 | 1/200s | 10/2019

Lone birch

NP Veluwezoom -

Another black and white intimate landscape photo of a lone birch tree that I photographed a few times before.

ISO64 | 86mm | f8 | 1/30s | 03/2020

Pine tree

NP Veluwezoom -

The answer to the question if this scene would be great in black and white was as clear as the cloudless blue sky. The early morning sunlight came from the right, giving me the opportunity to use a polarizer to darken the blue sky. I photographed this tree before and I really like the simplicity of the scene and the fact that there is one, and only one spot and one height to set up my tripod to take this photo without any distracting elements. Some day I hope to photograph this tree during a stormy day with dark clouds and maybe a rainbow as a bonus. šŸ˜Ž

ISO64 | 70mm | f11 | 1/25s | 12/2019

Into the light

Planken Wambuis, NL -

This is a capture of a very short moment where the sun just poked through the mist and the trees in a further very misty, but magical morning landscape.

ISO64 | 190mm | f11 | 1/40s | 12/2019


NP Veluwezoom, NL -

A magical misty and frosty morning. This was just a matter of waiting for the right moment until the sun enlightens this beautiful frozen little pine tree, thus creating a nice contrast between the white tree and the shadowed background.

ISO64 | 60mm | f11 | 1/80s | 12/2019

Tree and trees

NP Veluwezoom -

Wonderful misty, frosty and hazy conditions, eliminating a possible distracting background and enabling me to create a nice, clean and simple photograph.

ISO100 | 200mm | f8 | 1/800s | 09/2019

Tree against the sky

Normandy, Fr -

ISO50 | 70mm | f11 | 1/3s | 11/2018

Backlit trees

Posbank, NL -

Backlit trees in black and white. Despite the fact that the image was taken under great autumn conditions with lots of beautiful colors I like this monochrome version.

ISO64 | 130mm | f4 | 1/640s | 10/2019

Misty morning

Veluwe, NL -

Artistic impression in black and white from a misty morning in the field.

ISO50 | 170mm | f11 | 1/60s | 09/2018

Windmill and sunrays

Normandy, FR -

After taking some photos of this nice windmill in the stunning early morning light just after sunrise, I was patient enough to hang around for a while. After an hour or so the sun climbed and these gorgeous sunbeams cracked the sky and clouds.

ISO50 | 120mm | f8 | 1/2s | 10/2017

Dark and light

Warnsborn, NL -

Dark and light in black and white.

ISO50 | 122mm | f8 | 1/8s | 01/2019

Winter trees

Deelerwoud, NL -

No sun, no clouds, no light, just rainy, windy and grey conditions this morning. I decided to go for a black and white image. I personally like the look of deciduous trees in winter, especially with these hazy conditions. Putting the trees in the lower part of the photo adds interest to the scene.

ISO50 | 120mm | f8 | 75s | 09/2018

Cloud movement

Planken Wambuis, NL -

A calm September evening just before sunset. I used a 10 stop neutral density filter ('Lee bigstopper') to increase the exposure time to get some motion in the sky. This makes the photograph more interesting and dynamic. And as a bonus: it looks as if the tree tries to mimic the clouds.

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1/4s | 12/2017

Winter trees

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

ISO200 | 70mm | f8 | 1/250s | 08/2016


Ehrenberg, AU -

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1/10s | 02/2018


NP Veluwezoom, NL -

The white grass, a dark background and two white birches with their branches reaching out to each other. It all came together in this photograph.

ISO200 | 16mm | f8 | 1/1000s | 07/2013

Chalk cliffs

Normandy, FR -

This part of the beach in Etretat, France is only accessible during low tide. The bright, white cliff lines in the foreground lead the viewer to needle and arch.

ISO50 | 16mm | f11 | 1/20s | 04/2018

Lone tree

Planken Wambuis, NL -

Early morning shot of a lone tree with the sun peeking through the clouds.