Intimate landscape

Photos with focus on small, unique parts, extracted from the overall scene

ISO64 | 185mm | f8 | 1/20s | 01/2021


NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

A calm, cold and foggy morning. The dark spots around the tree immediately drew my attention when I passed by. Since I was in a rather artistic mood, I decided to go for just a simple and minimalist photo. The foggy conditions made it possible to create this photo without any distracting elements in the frame. I really like the dark spots on the ground. They sort of anchor the tree, making the photo more balanced. The same goes for the conversion to black and white.

ISO100 | 70mm | f5.6 | 1/10s | 11/2020

Fall foliage

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

the beautiful yellow foliage of this tree stands out nicely against the misty background

ISO64 | 70mm | f8 | 1/200s | 10/2019

Lone birch

NP Veluwezoom -

Another black and white intimate landscape photo of a lone birch tree that I photographed a few times before.

ISO64 | 86mm | f8 | 1/30s | 03/2020

Pine tree

NP Veluwezoom -

The answer to the question if this scene would be great in black and white was as clear as the cloudless blue sky. The early morning sunlight came from the right, giving me the opportunity to use a polarizer to darken the blue sky. I photographed this tree before and I really like the simplicity of the scene and the fact that there is one, and only one spot and one height to set up my tripod to take this photo without any distracting elements. Some day I hope to photograph this tree during a stormy day with dark clouds and maybe a rainbow as a bonus. ­čśÄ

ISO64 | 24mm | f11 | 1/1.3s | 12/2019

Lone pine tree

Veluwe, NL -

Although I tried to photograph this tree many times, I never managed to get it framed in a way that would please me. There was always a distracting element in the frame or the weather was uninspiring. This morning though the mist was very dense, eliminating any distracting objects in the background. Yeah! The result is a very simple and clean intimate landscape photo with which I am very satisfied. ­čî▓

ISO64 | 130mm | f4 | 1/640s | 10/2019

Misty morning

Veluwe, NL -

Artistic impression in black and white from a misty morning in the field.

ISO50 | 160mm | f11 | 1/8s | 12/2018

Here I am

Yellow birch leave -

This little yellow birch leaf on top of a bed of brown oak leaves caught my attention.

ISO50 | 200mm | f9.5 | 1/45s | 03/2019


Deelerwoud, NL -

I passed by this tree several times and it seems as if it has been struck by lightning. At least it gave me the opportunity to take this photograph, although it was a bit of a hassle to position my tripod in the right position. At first the sun was too yellow and too bright, but after a while it turned beautifully orange, revealing its spherical shape.

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1/10s | 02/2018


NP Veluwezoom, NL -

The white grass, a dark background and two white birches with their branches reaching out to each other. It all came together in this photograph.

ISO200 | 35mm | f8 | 1/4s | 05/2018


Veluwe, NL -

Due to a lack of inspiration and interesting circumstances I decided to be creative and took this photo of a group of young birches by simultaneously moving the camera up and release the shutter. After some trial and error I managed to create this abstract photo.

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 5s | 01/2018

Misty woodlands

NP Veluwezoom, NL -

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1.6s | 11/2017


NP Hoge Veluwe, NL -

ISO50 | 200mm | f11 | 1/2s | 10/2017


Warnsborn, NL -